A message from our founders:


Writer’s Mob was created as a tool to help emerging and beginning writers of color hone their skills in a safe space by providing them with free resources, not readily available to them due to economic restraints or accessibility. Our mission has always been to break down the walls that block otherwise qualified scribes from achieving their highest potential. Since our inception in 2018, the Writer’s Mob has been a labor of love, not only connecting a diversity of people, but a diversity of minds. 



Leah Daniels-Butler

Leah Daniels-Butler is a casting director and producer responsible for launching the careers of talented
actors like Gaborey Sidebe, star of the Academy Award winning film "Precious", and other notables. She
currently serves as Casting Director for television's #1 show, "Empire" on Fox.

Henry Butler

Henry "Blaq" Butler started his career in the music business working with prolific artist such as the Wu Tang Clan. Currently, he is the co-founder of 1oneninety5 Productions, along with his wife Leah Daniels-Butler. 

Sade' Sellers

Sade' Sellers began her career as an actress, then writer, and now development exec. As Vice President of Development and Acquisitions, Sade' is dedicated to finding new and original content from diverse artist of body and mind.